Truncate table partition cascade

Trying to truncate partitions on a parent table that has a reference partitioned child table. Both have global indexes supporting primary keys. So during truncate also update indexes clause needs to be used. Using the documented syntax we hit ORA-14126 error. Here is an example and correction to the situation.
drop table c purge;

drop table p purge;

create table p(a int constraint a_pk primary key, b int) partition by list(b)(partition p1 values(1),partition p2 values (2));

create table c(b int constraint b_pk primary key, a not null constraint c_p_fk references p on delete cascade) partition by reference(c_p_fk);

insert into p values(1,1);
insert into p values(2,2);

insert into c values(1,1);
insert into c values(2,2);


truncate table p drop storage cascade;

alter table p truncate partition p1 drop storage update global indexes cascade;

ORA-14126: only a  may follow description(s) of resulting partitions
14126. 00000 -  "only a  may follow description(s) of resulting partitions"
*Cause:    Descriptions of partition(s) resulting from splitting of a
           table or index partition may be followed by an optional
            which applies to the entire statement and
           which, in turn, may not be followed by any other clause.
*Action:   Ensure that all partition attributes appear within the
           parenthesized list of descriptions of resulting partitions in
So the documented syntax is not working http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/SQLRF/statements_3001.htm#i2131210 and https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/VLDBG/GUID-92748418-FB88-4A41-9CEF-E44D2D9A6464.htm

The working place for cascade word is before update indexes clause.

alter table p truncate partition p1 drop storage cascade update global indexes;
Submitted a documentation bug today.

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