A single serializable session throwing ORA-08177

We have a newly created table in a Enterprise edition instance. A single session is throwing ORA-08177 can't serialize access for this transaction. The whole service level is marked for trace.


No one else is updating the tables involved. There comes out only two trace files. One having only the select 1 from dual connection pool check. And in the another trace there may be found.
Yes we wanted transactions to be serialized. Couple of inserts and internal staements. And an update to seg$ table thowing ORA-08177.
PARSING IN CURSOR #47594977567928 len=314 dep=1 uid=0 oct=6 lid=0 tim=1327068762208173 hv=3096556448 ad='de83deb8' sqlid='0kkhhb2w93cx0'
update seg$ set type#=:4,blocks=:5,extents=:6,minexts=:7,maxexts=:8,extsize=:9,extpct=:10,user#=:11,iniexts=:12,lists=decode(:13, 65535, NULL
, :13),groups=decode(:14, 65535, NULL, :14), cachehint=:15, hwmincr=:16, spare1=DECODE(:17,0,NULL,:17),scanhint=:18, bitmapranges=:19 where t
s#=:1 and file#=:2 and block#=:3
PARSE #47594977567928:c=0,e=673,p=0,cr=0,cu=0,mis=1,r=0,dep=1,og=4,plh=0,tim=1327068762208172
EXEC #47594977567928:c=1999,e=1411,p=0,cr=3,cu=1,mis=1,r=1,dep=1,og=4,plh=2170058777,tim=1327068762209667
STAT #47594977567928 id=1 cnt=0 pid=0 pos=1 obj=0 op='UPDATE  SEG$ (cr=3 pr=0 pw=0 time=116 us)'
STAT #47594977567928 id=2 cnt=1 pid=1 pos=1 obj=14 op='TABLE ACCESS CLUSTER SEG$ (cr=3 pr=0 pw=0 time=16 us cost=2 size=68 card=1)'
STAT #47594977567928 id=3 cnt=1 pid=2 pos=1 obj=9 op='INDEX UNIQUE SCAN I_FILE#_BLOCK# (cr=2 pr=0 pw=0 time=6 us cost=1 size=0 card=1)'
CLOSE #47594977567928:c=0,e=2,dep=1,type=3,tim=1327068762209778
EXEC #47594977567928:c=0,e=125,p=0,cr=3,cu=1,mis=0,r=1,dep=1,og=4,plh=2170058777,tim=1327068762209931
CLOSE #47594977567928:c=0,e=1,dep=1,type=3,tim=1327068762209972
EXEC #47594977567928:c=0,e=129,p=0,cr=4,cu=1,mis=0,r=1,dep=1,og=4,plh=2170058777,tim=1327068762210127
CLOSE #47594977567928:c=0,e=1,dep=1,type=3,tim=1327068762210167
EXEC #47594984047704:c=50992,e=50764,p=7,cr=576,cu=241,mis=1,r=0,dep=0,og=1,plh=0,tim=1327068762211409
ERROR #47594984047704:err=8177 tim=1327068762211441
STAT #47594984047704 id=1 cnt=0 pid=0 pos=1 obj=0 op='LOAD TABLE CONVENTIONAL  (cr=0 pr=0 pw=0 time=1 us)'

*** 2012-01-20 16:12:42.223
WAIT #47594984047704: nam='log file sync' ela= 11537 buffer#=84 sync scn=604674242 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1327068762223055
WAIT #47594984047704: nam='SQL*Net break/reset to client' ela= 21 driver id=1413697536 break?=1 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1327068762223170
WAIT #47594984047704: nam='SQL*Net break/reset to client' ela= 3715 driver id=1413697536 break?=0 p3=0 obj#=-1 tim=1327068762226909

After awhile the problem vanished... No solutions in this post. Just wondering why...

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