Installing an agent and not a free lunch

Installing an Cloud Control 12 agent using rpm method. So not letting the Cloud Control do the agent installation, but do it manually at the agent node. While generating the rpm
$OMS_HOME/bin/emcli get_agentimage_rpm -destination=/tmp -platform="Linux x86-64"
I got an error
Agent image to rpm conversion failed
and the logfile stating
Directory /usr/lib/oracle doesnt exist. Please create the directory with write permissions and then retry the emcli command.
Well that is mentioned in the document Prerequisites, but This requirement is for the server OMS side. So as a root before issuing the command:
mkdir /usr/lib/oracle
chown oracle:oinstall /usr/lib/oracle
Also note that Editing agent.properties File (Only for Virtual Hosts) means here (Mandatory). Put the agent node host name there.

ORACLE_HOSTNAME (Only for Virtual Hosts) Enter the virtual host name where you want to install the Management Agent. 

And before issuing the  make sure the machines see each other. After installed the agent I had a small issue with machine naming at /etc/hosts. The installed agent and host appeared yellow "Pending" at the summary pie chart. After fixing the visibity of the agent machine emcli resyncAgent fixed the issue.

$OMS_HOME/bin/emcli resyncAgent -agent="agentname:3872"

Would it be cool to have following situation possible:
But there is no such thing as a free lunch. XE Options and Major Features Not Included ... Tuning Pack Nice to see that XE 11g installation changes the default control_management_pack_access DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING to NONE by default. It is changed actually with a comment that the default is changed because not an EE installation.

I would not have guessed before starting to install an agent to end up browsing licensing documentation. Seems like Even in PE: The Management Packs are not included in Personal Edition.

Next to the offline agent loading and generating oracle-agt- as the Cloud Control has only the oracle-agt- available. As i would like to try out agent installation also to a -platform="Linux x86" Lets see how that goes in the future...

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