Just downloading Patch 10404530: PATCH SET FOR ORACLE DATABASE SERVER

Patches are correcting bugs and adding new features. I guess that there is a new value to  OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLED parameter coming.

Time to unlearn. Tom Kyte talked at Oug Harmony 2011 last spring about caching inside a SQL query. He wrote about the same topic in Oracle Magazine september 2011. The thing seems like a candidate to be implemented in Oracle SQL engine in some future release. (I guess not yet in this Just when a wide developer audience has learned to wrap pl/sql funtion calls inside a query to avoid multiple calls.

The thing to be unlearned might be a bug. Causing something not to perform or do wrong behavior in certain version. In some future version the bug might be corrected and the workaround becomes obsolete.  These are currently most often details that influence some specific situation. If you want to know the basics and more. Jonathan Lewis is comig to Finland this autumn. A two day learning session is available. Optimizing Oracle 1.-2.11.2011. And in addition Oracle User Group Finland autumn seminar 3.11.2011 seems to have pleasure to have his presentation. Agenda and registration information available to both at http://www.ougf.fi/ A lot guess working in this post. To avoid that attend.

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