Today I did something Donald Duck would do. A couple years ago I built a house. Here are two doors to leave the house, one in front and also a back door. There are wooden stairs in the front door and a wooden terrace outside the back door. I just oiled the front stairs and just after that continued oiling at the back terrace. Now I am stuck inside for a while. It is time to open a beer and think of something else done today. Karhu has some virtual fishing to do.

Julian Dontcheff mentioned a while ago about that it should actually be called 11R3. I was reading my oracle support. The issue in my spontaneous online demonstration in What is bugging me presentation is noticed. My demonstration was about "No results with function based indexes and OR expansion". Now there is a document in MOS "Things to Consider Before Upgrade to Database Performance [ID 1320966.1]" updated 7.6.2011. On off patch is recommended as Oracle does not want to interfere optimizer with CPU or PSU patching. The fifth number in the version numbering. So are those four letters actually something that should be considered major version. Well has so many other changes than the optimizer ones that it could be a 11R3. Just see the list of new features in list in the documentation. OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLED It has already been from version and that the fourth number have had a meaning. Actually is missing there. Yet another place to submit a user comment about the documentation.

While writing this post it seems like the 1320966.1 document is vanishing or is it just something about the flashy interface... The patch recommended to install was 9776940. Contact support before installing... Another thing mentioned there was the patchset due out later this year.

Yet another thing. During last week there has been a slight peak in the visitor count of my blog. After Jonathan Lewis has made an Argh! issue about merge ignores check constraint and someone linking that post to his pages. Yes it actually is an Argh issue.

Actually yet another Argh! issue might be visualized as a snip

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