People are idiots, some more than others. At least people are idiots in different aspects of life and issues. A person is an idiot differently each day. At least I feel like that. Other days it is quite obvious to see things exists and other days you cannot figure out a simplest case. Well maybe it is not idiotism to be clueless about a thing that one has never figured out before. Most often it is really nice to be working with persons that are less idiots than me. At least in a issue that one tried to figure out and the other has a ready answer to.

I have set up a 10g data quard manually and tried to register the databases to Grid Control. 
Stand by instance seemed to be quite hard to get registered to the agent. I did not figure out that the standby node is in mount state and dbsnmp monitoring user is trying to reach the database as a normal user. Just change the monitoring user to connect to the database as sysdba and voila grid control is showing roles of the instances correctly. Creating a stand by instance with Grid Control handles that ok. 

This week I have had a pleasure to work with a person who could figure out thigs while problems arise and a oraganization that has scheduled HA evironment testing well before going to production. After setting up Data Guard environment we had plenty of time to try out different kinds of switchower and failover situations and there is still time in the project plan to try out even more complex situations. This possibility and capability should exist in every project having a HA environment. 

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